TOOLZ Gymnastic Ball 75cm
TOOLZ Gymnastic Ball 75cm

TOOLZ Gymnastic Ball 75cm

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TOOLZ Gymnastic Ball 75 cm

An absolute all-rounder and classic! The TOOLZ Gymnastic Ball is suitable for training strength, balance and coordination.
coordination. With a variety of exercises the balance can be trained and at the same time strength and coordination can be strengthened.
can be strengthened. Push-ups or planks are also possible. The fitness ball is a popular training partner for yoga, Pilates,
strength training or pregnancy gymnastics. The training intensity can be influenced by the amount of air. Just as
ideal as a seat for the office or desk at home. Sitting on the fitness ball
brings fun and provides relaxation.

Product information:

  • Training device: gym ball
  • Purpose: whole body training / to train strength, balance and coordination
  • Also suitable as a sitting ball at home or in the office
  • Special features: Robust anti-burst technology, the difficulty can be influenced by the amount of air
  • Size: 75 cm

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