Tennis Rebels

In 1987, we entered the tennis market with the goal to provide a breath of fresh air and to give tennis a new DNA. This goal is still today - more than 30 years later - our drive. Topspin is different and breaks with norms and standards. We speak our mind, go our own way and buck the trend. Our products - especially our strings - set trends and represent a style all of their own. Through honest design without a lot of frills, we try to equip our rebels (that's how we call our customers at Topspin) in the best possible way to take their game to the next level. 

That appeals to you?! You want to be unique and you know exactly what you want? Then join the Rebels Team and become part of the community. We have the right products to satisfy your needs and develop your game. 

We do our thing and learn later!


Experience is key
We are in business since 1987 and have gained a lot of experience in the development of high-quality tennis equipment. Our experience is also reflected in our philosophy and is incorporated in our products. We want high quality for our rebels. This thought drives us every day to improve our products and ourselves and to adapt them to the needs of our customers. If you want to know more about us, study our history.

From player to player
We live tennis. This sport is in our veins and is like the air we breathe. We love it and need it. We have put all our expertise into the quality and design of our products to give you a better experience on the court. The original idea of Topspin, by tennis players for tennis players, still holds true today. We always pass on our mentality to new generations, so that future Rebel products will continue to match our DNA.

Norms & Standards? Mainstream? Not really our thing - let's not set limits. We create our own stream and operate off the beaten track. We don't care what others do. We are rebels, we push through against all odds and pursue our own ideas and goals without letting others tell us what to do. Do you think as we do? Then let´s go: write your very own story with us.

Hot Stuff
We are looking for real Rebels, but our portfolio serves every type of player. Whether you're a rookie, allrounder or expert, we'll help you find what you need. So far, no one has told you how to find the right equipment or how to combine racket, string and grip? Just like the prince in Sleeping Beauty, we'll hurry to your rescue and open your eyes. We'll take you by the hand and provide you a personalized advice so you can find the products you deserve. Start your journey and check out our String Finders

F*cking Experts
We have THE plan! It's not only our experience, which makes us produce great products. We know how tennis players think and what the products have to bring along. We know the strengths and weaknesses of every tennis string. We have been studying tennis equipment, especially strings, for over 30 years. We know what is important and can help you consider all factors to find the right tennis string for you. If you want to know more about tennis strings and their characteristics, visit our Topspin Tutor

"Yes, I still have one or two rackets myself and I still know that the grip is down on the racket", jokes Boris Krumm, CEO of Topspin, when asked if he still actively plays tennis himself. From tennis players for tennis players was and still is, one of our basic philosophies.

It all started in 1987 with the two experimental tennis players and friends Boris Krumm and Torsten Salm, who wanted to put their knowledge and love for tennis into new rackets. The goal was to develop individual rackets for all players, which differed in their material properties and were therefore not available in regular tennis stores or from other brands.

The business was initially set up on the side and cross-financed by numerous coaching lessons. We entered the market with individual sales concepts and rolled it up quickly. So “Different since 87” was already successfully implemented at that time. 

Physical and mathematical expertise paved the way for new and cool products. Like once with Bill Gates, everything started in the parental basement rooms. As we gradually won our place on the courts in Germany, the basement rooms were no longer enough and we had to move into our parents' pool. At the same time, we developed not only rackets, but also strings and grips.

Later, bags, apparel and at some point, even shoes were added. Even though the pool was the coolest company headquarters, due to our positive development we had to look for a bigger place at some point. In Hurth, near Cologne, a suitable rebel accommodation was found at the end of the 90s, which still represents our headquarter today.

After the initial wide range of tennis equipment, over the years we have specialized in strings: Grips and bags are of course still in the range. The love for tennis as well as the greed to acquire new knowledge and to put it into the further development of our products was and still is an essential part of our DNA.

We feel comfortable in the role of the underdog and rebel of the industry, but of course, we have ambitious goals and want to add some coolness into the world of tennis strings. Between 2000 and 2010, expanding the brand to 40 countries, outfitting Yevgeny Kafelnikov and numerous Davis Cup teams were the biggest international successes we have to show. From a product perspective, in 2010 the CL633 was certainly one of the hottest rackets in the tennis market. Our jeans bags with thick zippers, which we released in 2013, shot through the roof and was sold out quickly. Another highlight was certainly in 2014, when Topspin Beach tennis rackets were used in the Saturday night TV-show “Schlag den Raab”.

There were not only positive highlights - we also made mistakes and experienced the one or other debacle: "I would sum it up like this: We have learned an incredible amount in the 30 years of our company's history and today we are more professional than ever", states Boris. A striking event in this context was the order for a collection of shorts without pockets or with pockets sewn shut. 

But we have learned from our mistakes. As a rebel, away from the masses, we didn't care what our competitors thought, because we were always convinced of ourselves and went our own way. This assertiveness was also an important factor during the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, we survived this difficult phase, are still going strong and have big plans for the next 30 years!