Every Smartphone needs a processor

If you could choose the processor of your smartphone, you certainly wouldn't choose the cheapest variant. A smartphone is only as good as its processor. It should fit the type of smartphone and support and promote its characteristic features. It is the same with tennis rackets. Strings are the heart of the racket and have a significant impact on the tennis game and, consequently, on the feeling while playing.  

You have no idea about tennis strings? You're in good company with that. 90% of tennis players have no idea what strings are on their racket. But luckily we are here to explain to you the importance and benefits of tennis strings. We enable you to get new strings with Topspin.


Many players often buy a cool racket, with a cool design, which is nice to play and best of all delivers a lot of power. And what about the string? That is often forgotten. 

If nobody thinks about it, then tennis strings won't be that important, right? Unfortunately, this is very short-sighted. First of all, the fact that the stringbed, which is created when the strings are clamped into the racket, is the only instrument that comes into direct contact with the ball. If you have almost only frame hits, you don't need to read any further at this point ;)  

When the ball touches the stringbed, the strings are deformed. This is called the trampoline effect.

The stringbed is seen as a trampoline into which the ball dives and is catapulted out again at a certain speed. The extent to which the ball can penetrate the stringbed also depends to a large extent on the properties of the string and the stringing tension. 

No matter how good your racket is, if you don't have the right string, you won't fully exploit your potential. Playing characteristics, material and diameter of the string, but also the stringing tension are essential factors you should take into account if you really want to play good tennis. You want to know more about it? Don't worry, we will teach you the basics of tennis strings.